Family And Succession Law

As we understand that you are going through a difficult time in your life, we provide more than just an advocate for your legal position. We provide skilled, experienced and knowledgeable attorneys. We take seriously our obligation to be wise advisors and counselor regarding your entire life situation.

The inheritance is also imbued with moral and legal problems whose complexity is beyond the powers of any attorney. "Rangelova and Gatev" LLP has considerable and successful experience in difficult and lengthy cases of partition of inheritance, wills problems and legal disputes.

The complicated property relations that arise after the divorce, the legal partition between former spouses and its avoidance by eventual marriage contract can also be solved quickly and profitably with the help of our lawyers.

  1. Child custody and child support ;
  2. Comprehensive legal assistance for all disputes, related to divorce;
  3. Taxation issues related to divorce cases;
  4. Child custody disputes;
  5. Marriage contract;
  6. Divorce;
  7. Spousal support;
  8. Tutorships and guardianships;
  9. Partition of marital property and inheritance;
  10. All issues, arising from succession by law and by will;
  11. Legal representation in actions under the Inheritance Act.