Real Estate And Contractual Law

“Rangelova & Gatev” LLP’s real estate practice offers a wealth of knowledge and legal expertise to natural persons, corporations and developers. Our legal experts advise clients on how to facilitate successful real estate transactions and on ongoing management. Our legal experts conduct thorough preliminary surveys of the properties, subject to transactions and participate in the negotiation and notarial attestation, including the final financial closure.

Our lawyers have experience with the complexities and risks associated with the sale and are ready to protect the rights of clients in disputes arising from ineffective and flawed deals on property.

We understand that while each customer and transaction are different, the transaction always represents a real important undertaking for the client.

We provide our clients with legal advice pertaining to:

  1. Survey of ownership and the status of the properties;
  2. Preparation of preliminary and final agreements for transfer of ownership or other property rights;
  3. Representation in negotiations and conclusion of contracts, relating to investment in construction or purchase of real estates;
  4. Defense of property rights before a court and representation before all bodies and persons, associated with the ownership;
  5. Control in the management of real estates.