Computer Crimes

“Rangelova & Gatev” LLP has established an enviable reputation across Bulgaria for its skill in meeting the needs of our clients. The use of IT and computer technology for data transport, storage and treatment in the field of social security, tax levy and trade with securities, impose the need of legal defence against abuse in towards intellectual and material property. The clients rely on our ability to offer complete legal service in this sphere.

“Rangelova & Gatev” LLP offers consultation and procedure delegation for breaking of the law in the field of non regulated access to data and computer systems, computer crimes and crimes related to computers.

Various computer crimes as well as crimes committed with the use of computers become more and more widespread. By them assets are misappropriated and physical or juridical persons illegally acquire financial fund. Their intricacy is determined by the complex environment where they exist – environment of financial, tax and customs crimes. A criminal activity of such an order requires a profound analysis and narrow specialization that Rangelova & Gatev’s lawyers offer to their clients through the years.