Corruption-related crimes

Corruption is not simple event comprising the executive power system, but also the local, legal and legislative power structures, social organisations – professional unions and political parties, business sector. In its basis is the mercenary motive and often the corruption is the real force behind vast number of mercenary crimes in the Penal code, which are not directly related to a subornation.

At “Rangelova & Gatev” LLP you can receive legal advice and defence in the field of:

  1. bribe - active and passive (bribery provocation, promising and giving a bribe)
  2. bribing a foreign official in international trade activity
  3. misappropriation in office
  4. criminal misuse in office
  5. criminal misuse of professional position
  6. persuasion in violence of professional duties related to jurisdiction
  7. conscious conclusion of unremunerative transaction
  8. economic bribe
  9. concealment of tax duties in cooperation with a tax official
  10. smuggling in cooperation with a customs officer

Every day our clients face decisions and questions related to the management risk, concerning their business development in complex environment, becoming more and more competitive, at strengthened state and public control. At “Rangelova & Gatev” LLP we share the understanding that the corruption does not only affects the functioning of administration and court system, but also considerably harms the economical and business interests of our clients. The various aspects of the problem are examines by specialists in different fields of the law in order to provide most complete solution to our clients.