Document Crimes

Document crimes provoke a number of difficulties in all the spheres of the civil turnover. Criminal violation of the order of making and using the documents, their illegal destruction are relatively frequently seen. The introduction of new forms of information safety in electronic devices does not restrict the problems in this area. On the contrary, the rate of the damages increases. Many of the cases of criminal violation of the property are related to deprivation and use of various types of documents.

  1. document forgery
  2. deceitful documentation
  3. criminal use of documents
  4. criminal elimination of documents
  5. computer encroachments

At “Rangelova & Gatev” LLP our team of penal lawyers possesses broad experience and depth of view in the sphere of document crimes in all their aspects. The acts concerning the making and use and illegal destruction of documents often infringes other social relations – of property, public peace and comfort and manifest themselves as cumulative crimes or are recommitted, often with complicity. Rangelova & Gatev’s lawyers cover all risky points of the case in order to defend our clients as completely as possible.