Crimes Against The Person And The Rights Of Citizens

Crimes against the person are one of the most heavily punishable and the Penal code provides the highest sanctions. The value of human life leads to the criminalization not only of the deliberate, but also of the imprudent cases, the preparation, and the failed instigation. Rangelova & Gatev’s team covers all legal and worldly aspects of the act by consulting and defending before court our client in the connection of:

  1. homicide
  2. physical injuries
  3. discredit
  4. abduction and unlawful imprisonment
  5. duress
  6. sexual abuses
  7. crimes against the rights of the citizens
  8. crimes against the intellectual ownership

At “Rangelova & Gatev” LLP our experienced team of penal lawyers possess a broad knowledge and depth of view in the sphere of crimes against the person, in all their aspects. Acts, concerning the right of life, often infringe other social relations – of property, public peace and comfort - and manifest themselves as cumulative crimes, or are recommitted with complicity - often dangerous recidivism. Rangelova & Gatev’s lawyers cover all risky points of the case in order to defend our clients as completely as possible.