Property Crimes

Social and economic importance of private property in life of people and the society as a whole, changes every day. Its relation with other types of property and the common mass of material goods continues to increase as a result of the privatization, restitution law and the development of the liberal market space in our country.

Rangelova & Gatev’s team consults their clients and represents them in court in cases of infringement, related to:

  1. criminal deprivation of belongings:
  2. larceny
  3. robbery
  4. misappropriation
  5. fraud
  6. blackmail

The right of property is in the basis of the business activity and market relations. Its constitutional organization reflects its importance and follows directly the main personal human rights; the detailed legal organization according to the Penal code foresees all types of punishments: from life imprisonment with no right of appeal to probation and possibility of release from penal responsibility by its replacement with administrative punishment.

At “Rangelova & Gatev” LLP we recognize the complexity of this type of criminal violations and the need of complete penal and civil right procedure defence.