Crimes Against The Republic

Legislation about public peace and national security conflicts important social interests: the need of a safe and secure society, with basic human rights. The balance between these two key spheres is a priority of the Constitution and the State government. Crimes against the Republic concern the State government in its political, economical, and ideological basis. On the other hand the ideological contradictions more often possess the nature of lawful critics, reflecting the freedom of expression, and rarely bring risk for social peace.

Rangelova & Gatev’s team consults their clients and represents them in court for anti-law acts, related to:

  1. betrayal
  2. treason and espionage
  3. subversion and sabotage
  4. crimes against the ideological pillars of the authority

At “Rangelova & Gatev” LLP we understand that there will always be a problem with excessiveness regarding crimes against the Republic. The bigger the importance of protecting society from instigation towards overthrowing the institutions with force and violence, the more imperative it is to keep inviolable the constitutional rights for the government to correspond to the public treaty.