Crimes against creditors

The simple fact of a debtor becoming insolvent or a trade association – overdebted, is not criminal, punishable or morally reproachable by itself. Although undesirable, it is a natural part of the dynamics of the market system.

On the other hand the unscrupulous aggravation to insolvency from the debtor’s part by affecting the interests of his or her creditors by the designed or incautious damage of the insolvency mass or intentionally provoked state of insolvency is punishable. So is obstructed the normal originating and development of the legal insolvency proceedings.

At “Rangelova & Gatev” LLP you are offered legal advice and procedure defence in the field of:

  1. not announcing insolvency
  2. bankruptcy – premeditated and incautious

The inopportune announcement before the court of the state of insolvency obstructs the development of complex proceedings, which include not only protection of the interests of the creditors, but also strengthening the enterprise of the debtor and protection the workers’ interests. At “Rangelova & Gatev” LLP we recognize the complex penal and civil rights nature of the problem and we offer specialists from various branches of the law who will meet your needs completely.