Crimes against customs regime

The financial resources of the crimes against customs regime are not directed only towards the reproduction of the criminal activity. They are input into various financial instruments with a view to increase it with other, non criminal methods. Thus the “grey” economy is created, one part of which is self-supporting through contraband. It is a source of financial resource for corruption aiming to hide tax and custom frauds, from which not only criminality and losses for the state budget are accumulated, but also non favourable tax and economic conditions are created for the business, coming from the strong corruption effect that downgrades the state administration, safety and rules in economy.

  1. smuggling
  2. customs fraud

The business, crossing not only the state but the customs border, leads to a meeting with the strengthened export and import control, the presence of subjective element during customs examination, the multiple licence and permit regimes, the vaguely defined competence of various services and their constant structural modifications. At “Rangelova & Gatev” LLP we offer a solution for the insecurity through our team of specialists, prepared in the sphere of customs and tax legislation, as well as through outstanding specialists in the matter of crimes against customs regime.