Economic Crimes

Public relations connected to the economy can be affected not only by direct violation of the opportunity and the conditions to execute the right of property, but also by non respect of the requirements for realisation of business activity and hence the economic principles, in which it is grounded; this leading to destruction, scattering and considerable damages over the possessions.

  1. lack of ownership
  2. unremunerative harmful transaction
  3. economical bribe
  4. revealing of economic secret
  5. unfair competition
  6. violation of price regime
  7. crimes in the field of industry, commerce, forest, hunting and fishing economies

The enterprises, victims of business crimes, often find it difficult to evaluate the direct and indirect financial consequences for their business. The misuse of assets, rights and internal information, the fraud and falsification, the countless “collateral” and “occasional” damages, amongst which loss of reputation, the business relationships change for the worse, the staff decrease in morale and motivation, all these are only a part of the problem.

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