Crimes against financial, tax and insurance system

The existence of numerous regimes of permits and licences in Bulgarian legislation is mainly characterised by putting the existence and initiative of the citizens in dependence of the state administration. The conflict between the state institutions and the frequent lack of synchrony between them, as well as the lack of effective and legal channel for solving arguments and guaranteeing of safety, confront the citizens and the state employees with the reality of state and tax crimes.

“Rangelova & Gatev” LLP offer legal advice and procedure defence to their clients in the field of:

  1. money laundering
  2. credit fraud
  3. unsuitable use of budget funds
  4. crimes against the tax system
  5. crimes against the insurance system

“Rangelova & Gatev” LLP team is guided by the understanding of the complexity and intricacy of, at fist place, social-economic, administrative, and political and at the end – of the legal phenomenon of crimes against financial, tax and insurance system. The comprehensive and thorough analysis of the question clearly defines the legal aspects of the problem which our clients are facing.